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Carbon Neutral bra | Offsets via the Conservation Carbon Company April 15, 2011

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M&S’s launch of the world’s first Carbon Neutral bra has received tremendous publicity and we at the Conservation Carbon Company are extremely proud of providing the carbon offsets associated with this landmark carbon neutral product. We’ve aggregated much of the press coverage here – – and we’re glad to see most of it has been positive.

The Conservation Carbon Company is a partner with M&S and MAS Holdings in this. Our partners at My Carbon Stash posted about the MAS Intimates Thurulie Factory (where the Carbon Neutral bra is made) in their blog and we’ve reproduced the article here, with a few additions.

From our perspective, the Carbon Neutral bra represents exactly the sort of project we want to be involved in when creating win-win-win situations of the triple bottom line of People, Plant and Profits. Being able to partner with large corporations like Marks and Spencer and MAS Holdings is a tremendous boost to the business viability and credibility of our projects, which go beyond offsets. We aren’t trading simple licenses to pollute – in comparison to traditional mono-culture forestry projects,  our Analog Forestry projects offer a triply integrated solution to the problems of climate change, habitat loss and rural poverty. This blog post will give you an idea of the sort of work we do within the community and take a look at our Flicker account for some images of the Hiniduma Carbon Offset project.


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  1. […] the recent launch of the world’s first Carbon Neutral bra (for which we are the offset provider) we thought this would be a good time to republish this article about the MAS Holdings factory […]

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