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Good news / Bad news about the Sri Lankan Leopard November 22, 2011

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A poster showing a pair of Sri Lanka leopards has been named Best Poster for the South Asia Region in an international competition. The poster was created and submitted by Sri Lanka Tourism for the Vettor Giusti Tourism Poster Competition, which is held once in two years to mark the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) General Assembly sessions.

As an organisation with a deep commitment to our ecosystem, it was great to read about Sri Lanka’s magnificent Leopards acknowledged in that manner. Unfortunately, joy about this was tempered by reading this article about an increased threat to the leopard population of Sri Lanka:

The latest enemy to invade protected wildlife terrain is the mobile phone – a piece of technology visitors are increasingly using to alert other visitors when they have sighted a rare animal, usually a leopard.
Whenever a leopard is seen, mobile phones are plucked out and messages sent, and minutes or seconds later, convoys of speeding safari trucks and cars rush to the scene – a spectacle that belongs to crowded urban areas, not to a wildlife sanctuary.